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Micro x Mercedes-Benz eScooter

The e-scooter, which Mercedes-Benz is launching in collaboration with us, is stylish, strong and convenient.

Both Micro and Mercedes-Benz stand for the highest possible quality. Consequently, a product has been developed which is convincing due to its sophisticated concept and durability. The elegant e-scooter with Micro and Mercedes-Benz co-branding on the handlebars appeals to aesthetes who want to stand out from the crowd and use a product that has been thought out in every detail for the last mile. It complements the Mercedes-Benz EQ family in the field of intelligent electro-mobility and meets the demand for flexible mobility solutions. The use of high-quality components and materials enables a mileage of over 5,000 kilometres. The e-scooter has an intuitive folding mechanism, which can be operated with just a press of the foot. The handlebars also fold down for convenient transportation before riding those last few miles. Thus the eScooter fit into every trunk and can be taken easily on any type of public transportation, as additional bonus with its light weight of around 13.5 kg.

The motor has a maximum power of up to 500W and accelerates the e-scooter quickly to the permitted speed limit. The 280Wh battery lasts for up to 25km and can be charged in just 3.5 hours. Instead of a thumb-throttle like most e-scooters have, the Mercedes-Benz eScooter features a twist grip which is similar to a motorbike and more intuitive, accurate and fun to use than a thumb-throttle.

A useful additional feature is the connectivity with the Micro app. The Mercedes-Benz eScooter connects via Bluetooth® to the smartphone, which can be attached to a bracket on the handlebar. Valuable information provided to the driver about speed, distance, travel time and battery charge status can be accessed via the app.