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The Swiss scooter pioneer Micro and the renowned skateboard brand Indiana are entering into a partnership to distribute Indiana balance boards and skateboards. The cooperation is based on a long-standing friendship between Micro inventor Wim Ouboter and Indiana founder Christof Peller, who both grew up near Lake Zurich. Both companies share a vision for sustainable mobility and have more than 50 years of experience in the roller and board sports sector.

Passionate board sportsman Christof Peller was one of the first to use snowboard technology for surfing on asphalt. The skateboards from industry pioneer Indiana were quintessentially Swiss from day one - with international appeal. They were exported as far away as Japan and have won world championship titles and cult status. The balance boards are an extension of the Indiana range. They were developed during the corona pandemic as fun sports equipment to train balance and coordination.

The collaboration between Micro and Indiana leverages synergies to strengthen the product development and distribution of Indiana Skateboards & Balance Boards and offer customers an even wider range of high-quality and durable mobility products. Both companies share common values such as sustainability, innovative spirit and dedication to the quality of their products. Indiana's purist design fits perfectly with the urban mobility that Micro is known for.

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Balance and dynamics combined: joint distribution of balance boards and skateboards

Micro revolutionized urban mobility 25 years ago with the compact kick scooter, which has sold over 90 million units worldwide. Indiana, led by Christof Peller, was a pioneer in the application of snowboard technology to skateboards and exported its products worldwide. The collaboration between Micro and Indiana aims to strengthen the development and distribution of Indiana skateboards and balance boards to provide customers with a wider range of high quality and sustainable mobility products.


Two worlds, one goal: Shared values and combined strengths

The products will continue to be produced and sold under the existing brand name in Europe. Indiana will benefit from Micro's global distribution network in over 80 countries to support its growth. Both companies share values such as sustainability, innovative spirit and commitment to quality. Micro founder and CEO Wim Ouboter explains:

"The collaboration with Indiana enables us to offer our customers an expanded range of sustainable and high-quality products."

Christof Peller, founder of Indiana, adds: "We share the same passion for sustainability and quality and look forward to making our products available to a wider audience."

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