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You want to test an e-scooter first before you buy your own? No problem! You can rent the Micro Merlin X4 from us. The e-scooter subscription is also worthwhile for all those who are regularly on the road with sharing scooters. With the monthly rental model, there are no basic fees per ride and the kilometres are not billed individually.


How does the e-scooter subscription work?

Quite simple! You fill out the rental form and we deliver your e-scooter to your home. The e-scooter subscription costs CHF 19.90 per week including a one-off initial fee of CHF 20. The invoice is issued monthly from the date of delivery. The minimum rental period is eight weeks and is automatically extended by a further month at a time. The subscription can be cancelled up to seven working days before the end of the rental period.

Contact us at rental@micro.ms /044 910 11 22


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    • When does the rental period begin and end?

      The rental period begins with receipt of the e-scooter and ends in due time after cancellation of the subscription in writing or by telephone. Cancellation is always possible at the latest seven working days before the end of the rental period (rental@micro.ms / 044 913 15 36).

    • What do I do if I want to buy my rented equipment?

      We will provide you with an individual purchase offer. In doing so, we will charge you part of the rental amount already paid (excluding the initial fee of CHF 20).

    • Which e-scooter model do I get to rent?

      The rental model is a Micro Merlin X4. Depending on availability we will send you a Micro Merlin with or without handbrake. You can find more information about the e-scooter here.

    • What if I receive a defective e-scooter?

      Every rental device should always be either new or as good as new and technically perfect. Please check the e-scooter for visible damage before you start driving, especially if brakes and lights are working. If any damage is found, the e-scooter may not be used (except for purely aesthetic damage which does not affect the operational safety of the e-scooter) and damage must be reported within five working days by e-mail (rental@micro.ms) or by telephone (044 913 15 36).

    • What if my device is damaged or stolen during the rental period?

      Damage (including consequential damage) to the scooter and theft must be reported to Micro customer service within 24 hours by e-mail (rental@micro.ms) or by telephone (044 913 15 36). In the event of theft, the customer must also submit a theft report to the police. Micro reserves the right to claim damages for damaged, lost, stolen or stolen e-scooters from the customer.

    • Do I have to worry about traces of use?

      No, of course not. You should use your rental equipment as if it were your own. Small scratches and traces of use will be removed free of charge after the return.

    • I would like to cancel my subscription and return the scooter. How do I proceed?

      The subscription period is unlimited but in any case at least two months long and is automatically renewed every month. You can cancel your subscription up to seven working days before the end of the rental period. The cancellation must be made in writing by e-mail (rental@micro.ms) or by telephone (044 913 15 36).

      After successful cancellation, you can return your e-scooter free of charge. We have included the return label with the delivery. Please return the product to us complete and in perfect condition in the original packaging within 7 working days after the end of the rental period. The lease ends definitively when we have received and successfully tested the product.